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kharismatic icons
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This is the icon/fan art/arty stuff journal of jacksrubberduck aka 'she who needs a hobby'.

I mostly make icons but detour into desktop walls on occasion. I do the odd icon tutorial and I've also recently started playing with making my own textures.

My obsessions fandoms are Sanctuary, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica.

Links to the pretty:
iconses / desktop walls / tutorials / icon textures

First things first, CREDIT IS GOOD. Gives me warm fuzzies, keeps everyone chirpy and is just damn polite.

I don't promise exclusivity of erm anything unless I made it especially for you. Just take whatever tickles your fancy and remember comments make me smile so spread a little joy. ;)

icon brush credit / wall brush credit / icon texture credit / wall texture credit

screen capture credit:
Dark Thoughts (BSG) / Atlantica (SGA) / New Atlantis - The Evolution (SGA) / jackfic.com (SG-1)
The Frozen Network (SG-1)

fonts: 0-a / b-c / d-f / g-i / j-m / n-r / s-z

100x100_brushes creative_lj fcol_artwork icon_extras icon_textures icon_tutorial icongradients

I'm a self confessed icon/fan art challenge WHORE.

I belong to and have participated in:
atlantisfaceoff bsg_lyrical bstg_icontest hush_challenge icon_alphabet icons100 scifi_challenge sg1_episodic sg_awards sg_lyrical stargatehush stargate_still

awards sorted by challenge community name

I also post at:
galactica_icons good_galacticon icon_alphabet sg_awards stargate_icons thefifthrace

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