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11 February 2007 @ 10:44 pm
Why yes these are from the S3 promos. (8 sga icons)  
I apologise for this but on occasion I am compelled to do something utterly lemming like and follow the crowd off the cliff.

This time it was driven by a need to turn the new promos into something I could actually *use*.

So here they are along with two bonus icons that I've been sat on for a couple of weeks.

Usual rules: grab and share, comments are appreciated, please don't futz with and above all please credit jacksrubberduck


01 02 03 04
05 06 07 08
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amanda_is_wacky on February 11th, 2007 11:45 pm (UTC)
Very very pretty indeed!
jacksrubberduck on February 12th, 2007 12:09 am (UTC)
Thank you honey! ::hugs::

Arre you hiding from me....?
ravenclaw_devi on February 12th, 2007 12:21 am (UTC)
jacksrubberduck on February 13th, 2007 08:25 pm (UTC)
Thank you! :)
the_top_hat on February 12th, 2007 02:51 am (UTC)
Snagging 02. Will credit when used. Cool!
jacksrubberduck on February 13th, 2007 08:26 pm (UTC)
tray_lord on February 13th, 2007 04:02 pm (UTC)
Snag #3, 7 & 8. Will credit. These are quite lovely.
jacksrubberduck on February 13th, 2007 08:26 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much! :)
sarah09irish on August 3rd, 2009 03:00 pm (UTC)
These are awesome! Snagged 1-6. Will credit if I use!